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Samsung NX 30 mm f/2.0

Samsung NX 30 mm f/2.0
15 February 2010
Arkadiusz Olech

1. Introduction

Originally posted 2010-02-15 on Optyczne.pl

The beginning of January 2010 brought us a very interesting launch. The Samsung company showed to the world its new photographic system, based on a small mirror-less camera, marked as NX10 and equipped with a 14.6 mega pixels CMOS sensor, manufactured in-house. Apart from that there were three new lenses, presented along with the camera: a kit 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens with image stabilization, a small 2/30“pancake” lens and an amateur stabilized 50-200 mm zoom.

At the very start we got three instruments which cover most of typical ranges amateur photographers would need. It’s not the end, though, because Samsung wants the year 2010 to be very noticeable in the history of the NX system. Even before summer holidays a simpler camera than the NX10 model is scheduled to be launched on the market and at the end of the year – the next device, this time a more advanced one. In the following months we are also going to see the launch of 4-5 new lenses. There will be a macro “prime”, an all-purpose mega zoom and a next amateur zoom among them for sure. We don’t know much about the last two but it’s not hard to guess that one of them will be probably a wide angle device of some kind.

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I do not hesitate to write this - for me, a photographic gadgetry fan, the idea of a small, mirror-less camera system is based on pancake- type lenses. A camera with such a lens is very small, fitting a larger pocket, it looks sensationally well and gives a bright, high quality images compared to an typical “kit” device. Small wonder, though, that the first NX system instrument I decided to test was exactly the Samsung NX 30 mm f/2.0.

Testing the new Samsung system lens was important for one more reason. In the case of its reflex cameras the company drew on experience of such a tycoon as Schneider- Kreuznach. Now new lenses sport only Samsung logo and the company emphasizes that they are very proud of their new optical division. We were even more curious how that new division copes with the design and manufacturing of new system lenses.

We would like to thank Mr. Daniel Kuliński for lending the lens for our tests.

Information about our review method can be read in our article “How do we test lenses?"

Samsung NX 30 mm f/2.0 - Introduction