Lens review

Sigma S 70-200 mm f/2.8 DG DN OS

8 April 2024
Maciej Latałło

11. Summary


  • very good image quality in the frame centre and across the whole focal range,
  • good image quality on the edge of the APS-C sensor,
  • sensible image quality on the edge of full frame,
  • negligible longitudinal chromatic aberration,
  • imperceptible lateral chromatic aberration,
  • moderate astigmatism,
  • nice out-of-focus areas,
  • excellent correction of coma,
  • silent, quick, and accurate autofocus,
  • slight vignetting on the APS-C sensor,
  • practically zero focus breathing,
  • efficient image stabilization,
  • good price/performance ratio.


  • a bit too high pincushion distortion,
  • significant vignetting on full frame.
In our summary it would be appropriate to compare the performance of the tested Sigma to Sony and Tamron models we've mentioned before. The problem is that the Sony is a completely different league when it comes to price/performance so it's better to present a duel between the Sigma and the Tamron.

The Sigma's task was very difficult. Unlike the Tamron, they didn't cut corners – with the same level of optics complexity they decided to offer a classic 70-200 mm model with a closed, completely sealed casing that doesn't change its dimensions. At the same time they offer a shorter minimum focusing distance, they keep focus breathing firmly in check, not an easy thing with a closed tube, adding different limitations when it comes to optical construction. As a result you shouldn't wonder that in the category dealing with the resolution of images the Sigma loses its duel with the Tamron.

On the other hand you have to remember that, for a slightly higher amount of money Sigma gives you a model that is, unlike the Tamron, completely weather-sealed and very solidly build; it also corrects chromatic aberration, distortion and vignetting better, its autofocus is more accurate and image stabilization- more efficent. For many potential customers such are important features that might sway them.

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Apart from that, even the mere comparison between the list of pros and cons allows us to assess the Sigma very positively. It doesn't break any resolution records but the number of its flaws is low and these listed by us are easy to correct with an appropriate program.