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Sony FE 200-600 mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS

Manufacturer Sony
Model FE 200-600 mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS
Lens style Telephoto zoom
Focal length 200 - 600 mm
Maximum aperture f/5.6 - 6.3
Angle of view 12.4 - 4.1 o
Closest focusing distance 2.4 m
Maximum magnification 1:5
Minimum aperture 36
Number of diaphragm blades 11
Auto focus type DDSSM
Lens Construction 24 elements / 17 groups
Filter diameter 95 mm
Macro No
Available mounts Sony E
Sony FE
Dimensions 318 x 111.5 mm
Weight 2115 g
Additional information Announced: 06.11.2019
Average rating (2 owners reviews)
Build quality
Optical quality
Value for money


4.83 Good
Owners reviews (2)
  1. Sc
    Sc 27 January 2020, 01:05
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 64.39.x.x
    Owner since: 6 months
    Price: $2,600
    User profile: Semipro

    Cons: A bit heavy, but considering the focal length and range, it\'s perfectly acceptable. The aperture at the longer end at f6.3 is a bit slow, but if it were faster, the weight and price would increase dramatically so once again, it\'s an acceptable trade-off. I have only two small complaints, one is specific to this lens, the other to OEM in general. First, the lens hood locks in place, but it gives little confidence that it will stay this way after sufficient use. I\'d be happier if it had a locking pin vs a click stop. The second concerns the lens foot, Sigma and Olympus put an Arca Swiss compatible design on many of their lenses, and I wish Sony would as well. It\'s very annoying to spend this much money on glass, only to take off the stock foot and put on a third party foot with the plate built-in.

    Pros: The short-throw zoom ring is wonderful to use with action. I keep my thumb on it and it is very easy to follow a bird in flight and zoom out as it approaches or any other fast action. The 200-600 zoom range is fabulous to use and the lens is sharp as well. I\'ve used it with good results on the A7R4 both with and without the 1.4x. However, with the TC on, if there is any atmospheric disturbance, and you are shooting at a distance, then the IQ degrades quickly. I\'ve even had usable, and by that, I mean publishable results with the 2x in contrasty light. It\'s definitely softer, but in the correct light, and with a bit of post-processing, it\'s a workable combination, but I would definitely reserve it for ideal conditions only.

    Summary: It\'s the lens the Sony bird and wildlife shooter has been waiting for, sharp, reasonably priced(compared to the 400f2.8 and 600f4 any way), focuses well and is compact enough to be portable. Short of Sony producing a Fresnel type lens like Nikon\'s 500f5.6PF, I can\'t find much to criticize about this lens and I highly recommend it.

  2. Mohit
    Mohit 9 January 2020, 01:23
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 182.69.x.x
    Owner since: 1 month
    Price: 1999$
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: Pricey, Heavy

    Pros: Super sharp Fast focus Amazing zoom Excellent aperture

    Summary: Excellent lens

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