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Nikon Nikkor AF-S 80-200 mm f/2.8D

Manufacturer Nikon Nikkor
Model AF-S 80-200 mm f/2.8D
Lens style Telephoto zoom
Focal length 80 - 200 mm
Maximum aperture f/2.8
Angle of view 30.1 - 10.3 o
Closest focusing distance 1.5 m
Maximum magnification 6.3
Minimum aperture 22
Number of diaphragm blades 9
Auto focus type SWM
Lens Construction 14 elements / 18 groups
Filter diameter 77 mm
Macro No
Available mounts Nikon F
Dimensions 206 x 89 mm
Weight 1550 g
Additional information Manufactured in 1999-2004. 5 ED elements.
Average rating (3 owners reviews)
Build quality
Optical quality
Value for money


4.67 Good
Owners reviews (3)
  1. PHYS
    PHYS 29 October 2013, 02:12
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 188.101.x.x
    Owner since: 3 years
    Price: 900 EUR, u
    User profile: Semipro

    Cons: - vignetting wide open, HUGE vignetting @200mm - flimsy tripod collar

    Pros: - very good image quality wide open - excellent image quality stopped down - fast, accurate AF - handling - bokeh

    Summary: Optically better than 80-200 AF-D and 70-200 AF-S VR I, about on par with 70-200 AF-S VR II. The tripod collar is weak, the collars of te newer 70-200 are much better.

  2. Sinchuk
    Sinchuk 13 November 2011, 22:21
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 178.94.x.x
    Owner since: 6 months
    Price: 1400$
    User profile: Semipro

    Cons: No weather sealing(((

    Pros: Perfect build quality, fast and accurate AF (especially on D700/D3), tracking of moving subjects is awesome, No errors!!! Rounded diaphragm gives pleasing bokeh up to f5.6, at every aperture!!!! And of course it's SUPER SHARP!!!!

    Summary: This lens much better then 80-200 push-pull and 2 ring versions, handles better then 70-200 vr, and gives sharper picture... I don't handle 70-200 vrII, maybe vrII is sharper, but overall image quality of 80-200 AF-S will be still better then 70-200 VRII. I like professional Nikkors with AF-S and D feature (17-35,28-70,80-200) they are stunning. I have enough money for newest lenses, but images from those lenses beyond any concern!!!

  3. Arie
    Arie 18 August 2009, 10:45
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 125.165.x.x
    Owner since: 6 months
    User profile: Semipro

    Cons: heavy, no VR, bad flare

    Pros: Sharp at all appertures, focus lock button, there is an apperture ring.

    Summary: This is one of Nikon's best lenses. In my opinion it's sharper than 70-200 f/2,8 VR. The only negative thing is its bulk size weight too much.

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