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Fujifilm Fujinon XC 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS

Manufacturer Fujifilm
Model Fujinon XC 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS
Lens style Universal zoom
Focal length 16 - 50 mm
Maximum aperture f/3.5 - 4.5
Angle of view 83.2 - 31.7 o
Closest focusing distance 0.6 m
Maximum magnification 1:6.7
Minimum aperture 22
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Auto focus type AF
Lens Construction 12 elements / 10 groups
Filter diameter 58 mm
Macro No
Available mounts Fujifilm X
Dimensions 62.6 x 65.2 mm
Weight 195 g
Additional information 3 aspherical and 1 extra low dispersion (ED) elements
Average rating (4 owners reviews)
Build quality
Optical quality
Value for money


4.42 Good
Owners reviews (4)
  1. Valdai21
    Valdai21 30 October 2019, 09:52
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 90.6.x.x
    Owner since: 1 month
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: - Plastic build - Not bright

    Pros: - Light - Quite sharp for a kit zoom

    Summary: Got this lens in a kit and tested it for about one month. It\'s plastic but light and I got quite sharp pictures. Colors are good too. If you don\'t use zooms very often and just need a backup, then I think a good sample of this lens is almost as good as the 18-55 and you get a real wide angle. My sample was sharper at 16mm than at 50mm.

  2. joe
    joe 14 January 2016, 20:01
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 31.212.x.x
    Owner since: 1 month
    Price: 100
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: very small CA's at 16mm, very small distorsion at wide angle

    Pros: f 5,6-8 very sharp in the corners, extremely sharp in the center

    Summary: one of my best wide angle standard zooms

  3. Mugato
    Mugato 22 February 2015, 11:56
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 101.114.x.x
    Owner since: 3 months
    Price: Estimate $
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: Lens Stabilization: My first copy had a Image stabilization failure after 3 weeks, and the rear element group was flopping around, and it wouldn't focus. The new copy is good and gives 3 stops of stabilization (Some have claimed Fuji lenses are as high as 5 stops, but not this model). (My first DSLR was a Nikon D3000 and its VR died within a month, so I watch for this. ) (I'm a Pentax and Sony user too and IBIS out lasts Lens VR IMO). Light Transmission: Because this lens is so sharp, I suspect the light transmission is quite great. So out in full sun, I find that it over exposes, but that could have to do with the camera body. A very bright lens compared to a DSLR kit lens. I find at 16mm the lens will flare badly with direct sunlight. Hood: Lens hood is a little difficult to put on and put back on in reverse (Notchy) Zooming: Zoom ring a little tight in parts, but becoming looser as I use it more and more. Lens Body: Plastic construction. No distance scale. Plastic mount. The notch in the mount for the lock seems a little large so there's a little play if you turn the lens on the body - avoid doing this. Focusing: It does not close focus real great, so its a little hard to do certain macro shots.

    Pros: Lens stabilization: Up to 3 stops and can be configured in the camera body to be set to only work when shooting, or left on all the time.There are 4 settings for stills and video, so its not a "Dumb" OIS like with Nikon or Canon, which has a switch on the lens to switch it on and off. With this lens, OIS can be automated by depressing the shutter button. Sharpness: I do concur with Lenstip's review and it is a very sharp lens from 30-50mm, but I also find from 23mm and up, it is very very sharp. 64lpmm at its peak, making it 20% sharper than a Ziess Otus at 53lpmm and $4000. Sharpness is brilliant even zoomed in at 100%, and the only thing holding it back is the 16 mega pixels of my X-A1. Focusing: Focusing is quite fast and precise. Focus ring is very smooth in manual. Light transmission: It seems to want to suck down light. I'm not an expert on this topic, but I'm guessing because its such a sharp lens, there's very little impeding the light from coming through, and I find it to be an extremely bright lens, especially out in full sun. Its really good in doors too in low light too. Hood: Hood is a petal type and works well and does not rotate during focusing. Bokeh: Bokeh looks really good. Lens Body: Though it plastic it feels quite good, and better than the body of my X-A1 which is plastic also.

    Summary: This lens is brilliant ! So sharp and so kind to use in artificial light. I see no reason to buy the more expensive 2.8 aperture lens. I have no major complaints about the lens except I hope the OIS will last this time. If it fails outside of the warranty, I'll just get another. The flare at 16mm is a little annoying, but I'll try to play around with it because I do actually like a little flare. The lens is very bright and has a high light transmission, so you have to be careful to watch that you don't over expose in full sun. But that might also be an issue with my X-A1. I have a Pentax DA*16-50 which I really like, and this Fuji 16-50 can sit shoulder to shoulder with it, because it is at a pro level of sharpness. It does not have purple fringing like the Pentax 16-50mm, which is a bonus. The only thing holding this lens back is the 16 mega pixels, and I think it was designed to cope with triple or quadruple that. Today I tried a Nikon D5300 with an 18-105mm lens, and it was NOTHING compared to this kit lens! If this is a kit lens in the fuji line up, I can't wait to try the professional stuff. Sharp sharp sharp sharp, and all else is forgiven !

  4. Fawzy
    Fawzy 18 July 2013, 05:20
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Value for money


    IP 64.231.x.x
    Owner since: 1 month
    Price: 499
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: Lens can be bamboozling to new comers.

    Pros: Lens is not bamboozling to pros

    Summary: Loved the lens. It helped me create ever lasting memories and I'll be eternally appreciative for that.

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