Sigma C 24 mm f/2 DG DN – first impressions and sample images

9 September 2021
Maciej Latałło

4. Summary

In the Sony FE system the 35-40 mm class of lenses features a lot of instrumens, ranging widely from fast f/1.2-4 devices, a bit slower, with an aperture ranging from f/1.8-2.0, to several smaller and handy constructions with the maximum relative aperture near f/2.8.

The choice is much narrower in the case of the 24 mm focal length. On the one hand you get the expensive Sony FE 24 mm f/1.4 GM and a lot of f/2.8-3.5 lenses, most of them produced quite recently. On the other hand, when it comes to an aperture as fast as f/1.8-2.0, so far there were just two models, one produced by Samyang and one by Viltrox, both also released not so long ago.

Taking it all into account it seems Sigma found a gap in the market and will manage to fill it successfully, providing, of course, that good optical properties of the new lens will be corroborated by tests of production specimens. The new lens is perhaps not so cheap - a price tag of about $640 is definitely higher than prices of the Samyang and the Viltrox - but still it is far cheaper than many brand name lenses. Mind you, the Sigma is made in Japan so it can offer you also a very high build quality and a sturdy barrel. The difference in prices between the cheaper rivals and the Sigma is not that meaningful and, I guess, plenty of people will be willing to pay a little more, of course only if the Sigma fares well in tests.

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The situation on the market is becoming really good – the number of lenses is increasing and it is a piece of very good news for both, professional photographers and amateurs. I hope Sigma won't stop at this point and the C series will be enlarged by a 20 mm lens in the near future.