Lens review

Sony E PZ 10-20 mm f/4 G

6 June 2022
Maciej Latałło

11. Summary


  • shapely, compact, weather-sealed barrel that doesn't change its dimensions,
  • very good image quality in the frame centre,
  • good image quality on the edge of the frame,
  • practically zero longitudinal chromatic aberration,
  • slight lateral chromatic aberration,
  • moderate astigmatism,
  • sensible performance against bright light,
  • fast, silent and accurate autofocus.


  • high vignetting,
  • huge distortion on RAW files.
I have no doubts that launching a successor of the elderly Sony E 10-18 mm f/4 OSS was a great idea. Whatever aspect you care to analyze there are only gains – we get a wider focal range, more compact dimensions, a weather-sealed construction that doesn't change its dimensions during zooming, and the Power Zoom mechanism, a nice gesture towards film-makers.

When it comes to resolution the Sony PZ E 10-20 mm f/4 G didn't have any weak points in our test. It fared very well in the centre and decently well on the edges. Even the maximum relative aperture is corrected so well that we didn't have any objections. The lens deals well with chromatic aberration, has no serious problems with coma and astigmatism, and performs against bright light in a very sensible way. Also its autofocus mechanism is efficient and doesn't cause any problems.

The tested lens had some slip-ups but only in predictable categories. Distortion for RAW files is huge but JPEG files are corrected by software very efficiently and the declared size of the field of view remains unchanged. As a result, when you shoot in RAW files you get a bonus in a form of a field reaching almost 116 degrees.

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Vignetting is also huge but for these parameters and physical dimensions of the lens it seems inevitable. In my opinion, taking all assets of this lens into account, high vignetting is a price worth paying.

As we've already mentioned price – the lens will cost 850 Euro at the beginning. It is, in fact, not a good piece of news. The predecessor is much cheaper. Still, I hope the price will stabilize after a time on a more acceptable level and, after that, adding just a small few hundred Euro to purchase the newer version of this lens is going to be a very good idea.