Sony FE PZ 16-35 mm f/4 G – first impressions and sample images

22 March 2022
Maciej Latałło

4. Summary

I admit I like the latest Sony launches a lot. More than a dozen years ago, at the beggining of their adventure with advanced photography equipment, that company could take rather controversial decisions. Perhaps they stemmed from a desire to present themselves as a different, original company, perhaps they were a matter of looking for a 'fresher approach'. Still originality has its price – not all these decisions were right.

Now it seems the time of youthful folly of the Sony are over as they've entered a maturity period and have taken well-thought-out, successful decisions. Revamping old lenses, making them smaller, optically better, and equip them with excellent autofocus belong to such decisions without doubt. Sony can also profit from access to special types of glass and their newest optics is full of different aspherical elements and others made of glass with high refraction index. These elements bear fruit – you get small, shapely instruments, more often than not also optically outstanding. The newest Sony FE 16-35 mm f/4 G PZ seems to belongs to this group. Finally you should mention the fact that Sony have stopped cooperation with Zeiss and still they manage to stand on their own feet and produce really excellent lenses.

As a foreruner of full frame mirrorless systems, now Sony can profit from their experience in that matter. While some of their rivals still produce big, heavy lenses, Sony makes a full use of the features that were supposed to be selling points of mirrorless cameras, namely an ability to produce small and handy wide angle lenses.

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It seems the Sony FE 16-35 mm f/4 G PZ will be a very successful launch. It is a lens that might be a prized companion of many travel photographers or reporters. A small, shapely device that is sharp and properly sealed, doesn't weigh a lot, comes equipped with an ordinary filter thread, and an efficient autofocus system – it would be hard to demand more. If you add to that features that might make many filmmakers happy, in a form of a powerzoom and an ability to declick the aperture ring, a group of potential happy users might get even larger.