Lens review

Olympus Zuiko Digital 150 mm f/2

7 August 2009
Arkadiusz Olech

3. Build quality

As a formality we’re showing the table with a comparison of the tested lens with its rivals, although, as we mentioned before, the comparison is difficult, as it’s hard to find direct competitors.

Olympus Zuiko Digital 150 mm f/2 - Build quality

Olympus ZD 2/150 makes a very good impression. Because of the relatively small length of the lens its very big front lens seems to be even bigger than it is in reality. It is surrounded by a filter thread which does not rotate on autofocusing, with a diameter of 82 mm.

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Olympus Zuiko Digital 150 mm f/2 - Build quality

Moving further we find a massive manual focusing ring. It’s very convenient and works with an appropriate accuracy, which is aided by a fly-by-wire. Below the ring we find a plate with the name of the lens, even a bit lower a distance scale behind a pane of glass and expressed both in feet and meters. To the left of the plate and the scale we find a focus mechanism limiter, which can be set for working in the ranges: from 4 meters to infinity, from 1.4 meter to infinity and from 1.4 meter 4 meters.

Further into the lens we find a place for mounting a tripod mount ring and the far end a metal bayonet.

In terms of build quality of the lens and the comfort of using it, we have no reservations. The more so because the body is metal, dust- and waterproof, and the optics can work with EC-14 and EC-20 teleconverters and an EX-25 extension tube. As we’ve already mentioned, the lens is equipped with a focus range limiter and additionally with autofocus stop buttons.

As far as the internal construction is concerned, we’re dealing with 11 lenses set in 9 groups. One element is made of ED glass, and one more of Super ED glass. Inside the lens we find a circular diaphragm of nine blades, to form the minimum aperture of f/22.

Olympus Zuiko Digital 150 mm f/2 - Build quality

The buyer gets in set two caps, the mentioned tripod mount ring, a lens hood and a solid, tasteful case.

Olympus Zuiko Digital 150 mm f/2 - Build quality