Interview with Shinichiro Udono from Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe

Interview with Shinichiro Udono from Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe
17 February
2012 10:15
Arkadiusz Olech

We would like to encourage you for reading the interview with Shinichiro Udono - Senior Manager at Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH. We had opppurtunity to talk at press conference organized by Fujifilm Poland connected with introduction of Fujifilm FinePix X-Pro1 camera.

Interview with Shinichiro Udono from Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe
Arkadiusz Olech (LensTip.com) and Shinichiro Udono (Senior Manager - Fujifilm Europe)

Question: What next X-Pro1 system lenses can be expected and when?
Answer: We will have 9 lenses for the next 2 years. Except of three lenses already presended they are: 14 mm lens, "pancake" 28 mm f/2.8, 23 mm f/2.0, 18-72 mm f/4.0 OIS, 70-200 mm f/4.0 OIS and 12-24 mm f/4.0 OIS.

Q: Is the X-Pro system going to have any stabilized lenses or are the next mirrorless camera models going to be equipped with a stabilized sensor?
A: We will have OIS in zoom lenses.

Q: Are other Fujifilm cameras going to feature the sensor used in the X-Pro1? If so, will these be just the next X series models or is the X-Trans CMOS sensor going to be found also in cheap budget compact cameras?
A: We will increase cameras and lenses compatible with X mount. About the details, we will consider after looking at actual customer response and sales of X-Pro1.

Q: Is Fujifilm planning next mirrorless devices with the Fuji X mount, designed for other market segments like, e.g. less demanding users? Will only the modernized X-Pro1 be the next camera or will there will be other models launched as well?
A: We will consider it after looking at actual customer response and sales of X-Pro1.

Q: Is Fujifilm planning next compact cameras with a 2/3 inch EXR sensor?
A: We’ve just launched XS-1, X10 is still selling well. We will continue selling them for a while.

Q: How big is the sales volume of FinePix X series cameras and is that volume satisfying your company?
A: We have received orders 120K units of X10 in 2011, and 100K of X100 in 2011. This is more than we expected.

Q: What new accessories are planned for the X-Pro1 system?
A: We will decide after looking at response from customers.

Q: Are we going to see new X-Pro system or FinePix X camera models this year?
A: We plan to add 2 lenses in 2012.

Q: Are you planning to launch a compact camera with a sensor of the APS-C size with a price tag lower than that of the X100, aimed at a wider group of customers?
A: We will continue selling X100. Considering of balance between cost and quality, it’s not easy to launch cheaper camera with APS-C sensor.

Q: The prototype of an organic CMOS image sensor, presented by Fujifilm, surprised us very nicely. We liked that idea very much and we decided to award it the title of The Innovation of the Year 2011. We have been wondering about your plans, concerning that sensor, though. Firstly, when will it be mass-produced? Will it be used in budget compact cameras or rather will its full possibilities be used in a small mirrorless device with a full frame sensor, able to compete with such instruments like e.g. the Leica M9?
A: Thank you very much for the award. We are currently advancing R&D toward commercialization. We don’t have a actual camera plan yet. It’s still development stage, too early to talk about camera.

Q: Fujifilm reflex cameras are definitely a bit forgotten nowadays; as you’ve already presented two innovative sensors, does it mean we can expect this camera class being reactivated ? Perhaps, encouraged with the X series cameras’ success, you will be tempted to create your own original product from scratch?
A: We will focus on current X mount. Because the sensor is designed to acheive image quality that surpasses full size sensors in both resolution and S/N.

Q: Thank you for the meeting and answering our questions
A: Thank you.