Lens review


24 November 2009
Arkadiusz Olech

1. Introduction

Originally posted 2008-01-20 on Optyczne.pl

When, at the end of the previous year, Sigma announced the launch of two new „fisheye” type lenses, designed for use with small APS-C/DX sensors, I was pleased on the one hand and a bit apprehensive on the other.

My enjoyment arose from one simple fact – there was lack of this type of devices for most of mounts. A circular “fisheye” for small sensors was absent on the market at that time. A prime diagonal “fisheye” was only in the offer of Nikon and Olympus. The rest of companies had to make use of presented by us zoom Tokina lens (or a Pentax) 10-17 mm which, at 10 mm, gave 180 degrees angle of view but not f/2.8 aperture.

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The apprehension appeared when I tried to imagine obstacles and difficulties involved in testing such untypical instruments. However, when you stop responding to challenges you stop developing too. As soon as the info about the availability of these lenses in Poland was published I contacted the K-Consult company and they delivered me both instruments for tests the very next day, with their characteristic swiftness.

If anyone wants to inquire why we favoured the Canon mount again I’ll respond that both Sigma lenses were in fact ordered for Nikon mount and not without a serious reason. The 10 mm focal length model gives 180 degrees angle of view only on 1.5x sensor. On a Canon the angle changes to 167 degrees. I received the answer, though, that currently only one lens was for the Canon mount and the second one for the Nikon mount and they could deliver only these two. Next day, when I opened the parcel, it turned out the lenses arrived safe and sound but both for the Canon mount. Why? Search me…

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