Lens review

Venus Optics LAOWA 15 mm f/2 ZERO-D

10 March 2018
Arkadiusz Olech

3. Build quality

The following chart presents a comparison between the tested lens and other full frame 14-15 mm instruments. It is clear that, despite good aperture fastness (only beaten by that of the Sigma) the Laowa is the smallest and physically the lightest instrument in this group. The fact that you can use classic filters with it and these come with a more or less normal diameter of 72 mm that won’t drain your pocket, is another serious asset.

In the photo below the Laowa 2/15 is positioned between the Sony 1.4/50 with the A Sony mount and the EF mount Canon EF 35 mm f/2 IS USM.

Venus Optics LAOWA 15 mm f/2 ZERO-D - Build quality

The tested lens starts with a metal mount; around it there is an inscription „MADE IN CHINA”. A rear element, 23 mm in diameter, is surrounded by dark, well-matted and ribbed tube. The element moves, being at its shallowest when the focus is set at infinity. The lens comes without any contact plate.

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Venus Optics LAOWA 15 mm f/2 ZERO-D - Build quality

The proper body of the lens starts with a metal ring on which you can find an inscription “E-mount” and a silvery switch for choosing the aperture ring mode (which can be clicked or de-clicked). The aperture ring, 12 mm wide, is situated right behind and most of its part is covered by ribbing to ensure firmer grip. In the click-stop mode the ring moves in 1 EV increments.

Further on you see a depth of field scale with markings at f/22, f/11 and f/5.6. Above it there is a manual focus ring, as wide as 28 mm. It moves smoothly and is well-damped but it features a quite narrow working range, amounting to just 100 degrees. It is a serious problem. Most of that range is dedicated for closer distances. The most useful focusing range in that type of equipment, so from one meter to infinity, is covered by a turn of the ring through an angle of more or less… 5 degrees.

Venus Optics LAOWA 15 mm f/2 ZERO-D - Build quality

The last parts of the body are a metal, widening ring on which you see an inscription „Entrance pupil”, a blue strip, and a hood mount.

The front element is 43 mm in diameter and it doesn’t move. It is surrounded by an inscription with the name and parameters of the lens, its serial number, and a non-rotating filter thread, 72 mm in diameter.

Venus Optics LAOWA 15 mm f/2 ZERO-D - Build quality

The optical construction includes 12 elements positioned in 9 groups, three extra-low dispersion elements and two aspherical elements among them. Additionally, you get an aperture with seven blades which can be closed down to a value of f/22 at the maximum.

Venus Optics LAOWA 15 mm f/2 ZERO-D - Build quality

Buyers get with the lens a petal-type hood and two caps in a stylish box, featuring the optical diagram of the purchased instrument.

Venus Optics LAOWA 15 mm f/2 ZERO-D - Build quality