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Sony E 11 mm f/1.8

Sony E 11 mm f/1.8
2 June 2022
Maciej Latałło

1. Introduction

On 1st June 2022 Sony launched a real attack in the category of wide angle lenses designed for mirrorless cameras with the APS-C sensor. They released as many as three models: the E PZ 10-20 mm f/4G, the E 15 mm f/1.4G, and the E 11 mm f/1.8.

Sony E 11 mm f/1.8 - Introduction

The Sony E 11 mm f/1.8, last in this group, seems to be very interesting indeed. Not only you get here an ultra-wide angle of view, amounting to as much as 104.4 degrees, but also a very good f/1.8 aperture; all of this is hidden in a small, shapely, and lightweight casing.

Sony E 11 mm f/1.8 - Introduction

Full frame 16-17 mm models provide a similar angle of view to the new Sony lens and in the Sony system you can't find another prime of this type. If you stay with the f/1.8 aperture fastness the field of view is covered from both sides by models such as the Sony FE 14 mm f/1.8 GM and the Sony FE 20 mm f/1.8G. Both these lenses we've had na opportunity to test and undoubtedly they are both great instruments. Still, the new Sony E 11 mm f/1.8 is smaller and physically lighter – you can spot that easily by looking at the following chart.

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Sony E 11 mm f/1.8 - Introduction

The Sony E 11 mm f/1.8 is really tiny; apart from that, it is also 2-3 times lighter than its full frame cousins. What's more, it offers you an opportunity to use standard 55 mm filters which won't additionally drain your wallet.

Sony E 11 mm f/1.8 - Introduction

A small, ultra-wide angle, fast 1.8/11 lens joined with a moderately-sized APS-C body might be a perfect set for different trips and travels. It will perform well in landscape photography, wide-angle astrophotography, and it might be a useful tool in journalism or architecture photography. It was our greatest pleasure to put it through our testing procedure and check its real posibillites. How did it fare? Read the following chapters to find out!

We would like to thank Sony for sending us all necessary testing equipment very fast indeed. You are also invited to get acquainted with our test procedure, described in the article "How do we test lenses?" If you feel it’s still not enough, please go to our FAQ section where you can find some further explanation.

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